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Win Win Winter Game

Winter is getting a little closer every day. The squirrels rush to gather the last acorns before the cold makes the last fruits fall from the trees.

In this game, the family of squirrels that collects the most acorns is the winner. Played in turns, each player rolls the dice and moves the squirrel family along the path. We have to make simple calculations to work out the most effective strategy. As usual, the dice indicates the number of squares that we can advance, however, we must be careful. The number on the dice gets deducted by the total number of acrons we are carrying, thus reducing the number of squares that we can advance.

The game ends when all the acorns are gone. Winter has arrived and it's time to count....

It is a game for two to four players. It includes two game boards, which can be substituted depending on the number of players.

Age 7+