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Sleeping Horseshoe Bat

Our toys tell stories about the flora and fauna of our home country, Hungary. Take a trip in a cave next to you, or just watch the bats fly so fast when the sun just goes down. Did you know that a bat can be the exact size of a child's palm? Hang it above your bed, on your bag or even on your finger! Take care of them as the real ones take care of you and catch all the mosquitoes around you! Get to know more about bats in the amazing caves close to you!

Our toys develop the imagination and creativity, while educating children on the environment that surrounds them.  The closed wing version comes with a separate leather strap so it can hang anywhere easily.

Material: leather and wood, responsible forestry from Duna-Ipoly National Park of Hungary. All items are handmade and may be a bit different from each other.