Just Blocks City Small Set

Welcome to discover our fascinating set that will turn your child into the architect of their own magical city! Set includes a whopping 68 elements in 4 different shapes, enriched with unique and colorful graphics.

Why is our set so extraordinary? Because children have a choice of 34 different images related to urban infrastructure. From bicycles to recycling bins and electric car chargers, children will have complete freedom in creating their perfect city. But that's not all! In our set, you will also find plenty of greenery, friendly animals, and smiling residents. Each one of them is important and unique, contributing to the creation of a remarkable atmosphere in the city.

Kids have 42 single-side printed elements at their disposal-

12 windows
2 doors
1 tree
1 bush 
1 outside wall with cat 
1 bicycle 
1 cash machine
1 electric car charger
1 recycling bin
1 brick wall
1 market stall
2 roofs 
2 stairs 
1 fire hydrant
2 balcony railings  
6 roads 
2 parking lots 
2 zebra crossings 
2 roundabouts 
25 plain sticks 
1 plain cube

Material: Solid beech wood and plywood,
Ages 3+