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Madeline Finn and the Shelter Dog

Madeline Finn finds a new way to help more dogs and read more stories, in this latest book from award-winning author-illustrator Lisa Papp.

After Madeline Finn meets library dog Bonnie, she asks her mother for a puppy of her own every single day. Finally, Mom says yes, and Madeline Finn chooses Star, one of Bonnie’s puppies.

Then Bonnie’s owner, Mrs. Dimple, tells Madeline Finn about animal shelters―places many other pets come from. A visit to their local shelter leads Madeline Finn to ask some questions. Does anyone play with the shelter dogs, or snuggle with them, or read to them? Questions lead to answers, and ideas, and soon Madeline Finn and her human and animal community discover there are lots of ways for small people to make a big difference.

Award-winning author-illustrator Lisa Papp offers a kind, empathetic exploration of life in an animal shelter in this perfect story for dog lovers, pet adoption and rescue advocates, and young readers learning how to make a difference through community service.