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Just Blocks City Mini Set

There are 20 modern blocks in 3 shapes enriched with imprinted designs. The fun is to choose among 14 unique funky graphics reflecting you own mini city. With this creative material children can build a house with cheerful residents and add a road infrastructure to it.
The blocks can be combined in various creative ways to build different versions of the mini city. The child has the graphic at their disposal but does not have to use it, instead they just turn the block to the plain side.

Design your own city & build with sustainability in mind!
We created our new play set with the little ones in mind who will one day co-create and build our planet. We encourage kids to design supporting health and well being of the local people, making the city pet friendly, reducing pollution and planting more greens.

Among 14 unique funky graphics printed on wooden blocks are:
4 windows
1 door
2 roofs
1 brick wall
1 bush
1 electric car charger
5 roads
1 parking lot
2 zebra crossings
2 roundabouts

Material: Solid beech wood and plywood.
Dedicated for kids 2+.